To ensure your orders are processed smoothly it is essential you clearly understand the following procedures, as well as our legal Terms of Trade. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with these, and contact Customer Service if you need further information or clarification.


  1. All orders must be in writing with accurate fabric, billing and delivery information to ensure your order is processed correctly.
  2. Our minimum order for fabric is 1.0 metre and for wall covering 1 roll; thereafter, we accept orders in 0.1m (10 centimetres) increments for fabric and by the roll for wall coverings.
  3. We do not cross reference pattern or colour numbers and names unless specifically asked to do so on your order. We will presume the numeric references are correct.
  4. If you wish to receive order confirmations and be advised of ETA and tracking updates, you must advise your email address with your order.
  5. If you have included an email address, please contact us if you have not received an acknowledgement by the end of the next day after your order has been placed. Please advise any discrepancy between your order and our email acknowledgement of your order, immediately on receipt of our email acknowledgement.
  6. If your order needs to be back ordered and the original delivery date changes, you will receive an automated email acknowledgement advising the new delivery date providing you have advised us of your email address.
  7. A $20 small order fee to cover handling and freight costs applies to all deliveries under a value of $100.


  1. Reserves on our locally warehoused stock will be honoured for five working days and can be extended on application.
  2. Priority for reserves is subject to firm orders – we will give you 24 hours priority if we receive a firm order after your reserve has been accepted.
  3. We may, by written notice to you, change the prices at our sole discretion.


  1. Reserves on our locally warehoused stock will be honoured for five working days and can be extended on application.
  2. Priority for reserves is subject to firm orders – we will give you 24 hours priority if we receive a firm order after your reserve has been accepted.
  3. Expired reserves are returned to stock without notice.


  1. Current prices are listed in our price list. A copy can be downloaded via the Zepel website.
  2. Your order is delivered free into store for Australian customers and is billed at cost on your invoice for New Zealand customers.
  3. We confirm current prices on all order acknowledgements. Order acknowledgements are only sent if you advise an email address when placing orders.


  1. Orders for Melbourne available fabrics are delivered within 2-3 days, New Zealand available fabrics within 3-5 days and 2-3 weeks for available International fabrics.
  2. Every effort is made to quote accurate delivery times for back ordered fabrics, and providing you have advised us of your email address, you will receive advice of unexpected changes via email. We regret that we cannot accept responsibility for transit or other delays.
  3. If a delivery date is critical, please contact Customer Solutions to arrange an international courier delivery at your additional cost. International courier delivery times are not guaranteed and are subject to customs clearance delays.
  4. Delivery advice is emailed to you as soon as orders are dispatched from our warehouse, provided you have advised an email address when placing your order.
  5. Please ensure deliveries are inspected for obvious transit damage. Claims for damage in transit must be supported by a conditional acceptance of delivery from our carrier.
  6. Where deliveries are made to third parties, it is your responsibility to check that the correct fabric/ wall covering is received. We cannot accept claims for making, installation or replacement charges where correct supply has not been verified before being made up into finished orders. We strongly advise that a sample is sent to you from your third party for verification when goods are received.


  1. All new accounts are opened on a prepayment (proforma) basis, and payment must be made in full before orders can be accepted.
  2. If you have actively used a prepayment (proforma) account for a minimum of six months with an average purchase of 1,000 - $3,000 per month (excluding GST), you may apply for a Nett Credit Account.
    Payment Terms on Nett Credit Accounts is strictly 30 days and due within 30 days from end of month in which invoice was issued.
    Zepel Fabrics reserves the right to: Withhold supplying any pending orders without any prior notice if accounts are overdue.
    Credit limits are at the discretion of Zepel Fabrics and may be varied from time to time.
  3. Nett Credit accounts that are not used regularly may revert to prepayment (proforma) trading terms.
  4. To avoid delays in processing orders your account must be within agreed terms. We regret that orders from customers with an overdue account will not be processed until the account is brought back within terms.
  5. Overdue sums may incur default interest as specified in our Terms of Trade.
  6. If an account is left unpaid, you will be liable for all costs and collection agency commission fees arising from the collection of the debt.


  1. An uncut fabric order for over 10 metres for locally stocked fabric may be returned, subject to a 30% restocking fee plus return freight cost. This right to return is in addition to your rights in respect of defective goods. We will not, unless obliged to do so by law, accept returns for International/Indent or Commercial fabric orders that have been correctly supplied.
  2. We will not, unless obliged to do so by law, accept returns or claims on orders that have already been cut.
  3. We will not accept returns or claims due to colour variation unless an approval cutting was requested prior to ordering.
  4. All returns must be arranged via Customer Service, who will organise pickup and delivery back to us. Credits cannot be arranged until we have received and inspected the returned order.
  5. Our liability is limited to the original invoice value of the fabric. We will not be held liable for any consequential loss including additional manufacturing costs, delivery charges or other loss of profit.


  1. All of our fabrics pass rigorous performance standards and checking procedures, and it is our experience that if a fabric has a manufacturing defect, that defect becomes apparent within a short time of being in use.
  2. We will replace within two years of purchase any fabric that is found to be faulty as a result of manufacturing defects and has been: • made up to industry standard practices and procedures;
    • properly maintained and professionally cleaned on a regular basis;
    • applied and/or used normally for its intended residential or single shift commercial installation;
    • protected from sunlight damage;
    • not subject to third party after treatment.
  3. If accepted, your claim cannot be finalised until we receive two 30cm x 45cm sized samples clearly showing the claimed failure. We independently test all fabric failures as part of our ongoing quality assurance program and for this reason claims cannot be processed until we receive your samples.
  4. Our warranty is extended to the invoiced purchaser only and any claims must be made via the invoiced purchaser.


  1. Warranty and care information is also located on www.zepelfabrics.com under Product Info.
  2. Fabric widths and repeats are quoted as “approx” (approximate) and adequate allowance should be made for small variations when placing orders. This is a very common cause of difficulties and delays in making up orders. We will not be held responsible for additional metreage needed due to variations in repeat and width within normal commercial tolerance or for the eventuality that we cannot supply additional metreage from the same dye lot as first supplied.
  3. Depending on fibre content, there will always be some movement in drapery length due to changes in temperature and the absorption and release of moisture from the yarns in the fabric - the longer the drapery, the greater the movement. The expected residual shrinkage is shown on our samples and care/specification sheets. For drapery, we recommend being generous with seams and hems.
  4. It is quite normal for patterned fabrics to appear slightly “off square” - this is due to finishing processes, and provided lengths are cut to pattern rather than to the weft, made-up drapes will hang satisfactorily.
  5. In fabrics with a horizontal pattern, allow a tolerance of up to 3cms for bowing.
  6. We guarantee a commercial colour match on all of our fabric/wall coverings. Due to variations within the manufacturing process small dye lot variations in colour and repeat are unavoidable.
  7. If you have a critical requirement for match, we recommend a cutting is delivered to your premises for checking before forwarding to your manufacturer.
  8. Our fabric has been carefully checked at several stages before it leaves our warehouse.
  9. Occasionally small shading, weaving or yarn irregularities can be overlooked, or may have been considered as either acceptable or an inherent characteristic of the fabric or the yarn.
  10. Orders are often supplied in two or more lengths. Where this occurs, we do supply additional metreage to compensate. We need to be advised of cuts for drapery orders to make the correct allowance when supplying your order.
  11. Not all fabrics are supplied rolled face in. If you are ordering a fabric that could be made up either side, we recommend you forward a cutting to your workroom confirming the preferred face.
  12. A word of caution – if you prefer the reversed side, small yarn and weaving irregularities are normally tied off on the back of the fabric.
  13. We recommend lining cushions and covering hard edges of upholstered furniture with foam or other suitable materials before upholstering. All seams should be checked and double stitched if necessary. We recommend lining drapery and blinds, as unlined drapery will show up minor yarn irregularities