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Ovolo the Valley, Brisbane AUS

Exuding daring personality, Ovolo the Valley is a boutique hotel in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane that opened its doors in November 2018.  Situated in a vibrant and edgy part of the city, the Ovolo, designed by Woods Bagot greets you to a sensory overload.

An existing hotel building, the hotel forms part of the Emporium mixed-use precinct, the 8-storey building formally operated as the Emporium Hotel from 2006 – 2018.  Ovolo The Valley was designed, delivered and operating under the new hotel brand within an incredible eight month period.

“The design strikes a balance between style and functionality”

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The design brief called for a hotel with a unique personality and style, inspired by local surrounds, culture, and the Ovolo brand’s playful, forward-thinking spirit.  Inspired in part by ‘Alice in Wonderland’ the concept doesn’t seek to replicate ‘home’, however imparts a sense of fantasy, escapism and play.  

Cues have also been taken from the urban landscape, regional flora and Brisbane’s outdoor lifestyle.  The design strikes a balance between style and functionality creating an expressive dialogue between the interior, art and the guest.   

David Bowie was chosen as muse, as one of the most innovative influences in music, fashion, pop culture and the arts during the 70s, creating synergies with ‘The Valley’s’ eclectic past. This is also the most colourful era of rock n roll, complimenting the hotel’s holistic design aesthetic. 

Designed for the individual guest, the rooms can comfortably host raging after-parties, or be a private retreat delivering luxury and comfort.   

Ovolo’s signature ‘Rock Star Suites’ in each of their hotels, represent the largest and most opulent suites, where guests ‘have it all...and some’.   Here, Zepel Warlock velvet is specified on the dining chairs – chosen for its heavy duty attributes without comprising on a soft luxurious feel.

Wallpapers from Casamance feature throughout the hotel with Cristal Ondine in the guestrooms and entertainment lounge; Calathea also in guestrooms and entryway; and Dandy for feature wall coverings.

The brilliantly vibrant reception area showcases Casamance Felis on the cushions and the geometric print of Kokodera on the stools.

Casamance fabrics while also meeting heavy duty attributes offer unique designs which work extremely well in this fit-out.

Bold and playful, the spaces are a study of solid and transparent elements, soft and hard to touch, matte and reflective finishes, and texture in abundance. 

Combining art and style, The Ovolo encourages guests to experience escapism and feel glamourous at the same time.

Photos courtesy: Dion Robeson

Products used:

Casamance – Cristal Ondine, col. Raisin
Casamance – Calathea, col. Marron and Vert.
Casamance – Dandy, col. Orange

Zepel - Warlock, col. Passion
Casamance – Felis, col. Marine 
Casamance – Kokedera, col. Roux