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Venetian Modern: Queen & Collins Street Project

This playful and unique project combines daring use of colour, refined interior fittings and plush accents in a minimalist space. The recent completion of the Level 16, 100 Queen and Collins Street, is a surprising example on how candy pink and soft drapery partitions can merge seamlessly with textured walls, hard surfaces, and industrial features inherent in the building. This creative vision was developed and realised by the Studio 103, McCormack Property Services, and Alessi Design Group, each playing an intrinsic role in the overall impact of the interior styling.

This iconic building in Melbourne’s CBD influenced by Venetian architecture, celebrates pointed cathedral arches and a geometric lined facade. Commercial interior design specialists, Studio 103, viewed this a natural starting point for design elements to be derived which includes emblematic shapes, textures, and patterns. Dusky Venetian sunsets were also an inspiration and informed the dramatic presence of the interior colour scheme.

As you enter the space you are immediately immersed in a huddle of blush pink tones and textures. The herringbone paved floor draws you into the space with warm, rustic hues shaped by a perimeter of dappled curved walls and ambient, pendant lighting.

A collaboration between Studio 103, Alessi Design Group, and McCormack Property Service featuring Allusion by Zepel

Complementing this tactile experience is rich velvet upholstery and glistening brushed gold accents. The playful fitout was completed by McCormack Property Services and elegantly combines curved cabinetry, gold fittings, and marble – a perfect appreciation of a Venetian aesthetic. The expertise of Alessi Design Group is also featured in the styling with the creation of drapery in Zepel’s popular design Allusion, in colour Marzipan. Alessi installed Allusion on their hand traverse curtain system with an S-Fold heading, creating curved continuity and natural softness. These sheer curtain partitions define meeting areas with gentle privacy adding relaxed comfort. The rounded seating hubs designed by Studio 103 mimic the curved form of the curtain rail.  This custom shaped track was designed in collaboration with McCormack, and fabric selected with Studio 103.

This innovative project is a surprising example of how a unique colour scheme of glistening trimmings, tactile fabrics, and candy pink can merge elegantly with the traditional influences of this Venetian building. This is also a remarkable example of how seemingly disparate design elements and boldly highlighting the industrial features of the building in a sea of pink can blend harmoniously.

Special thanks to:

Montana Alessi, Alessi Design Group

Alex Brookes, Studio 103

McCormack Property Services

Jack Lovel, Jack Lovel Photography