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Functionality reimagined - Sussex House



A collaboration between SOM Blinds and mckimm design & build featuring Zepel.

Sleek, modern, linear, and meticulously considered are terms that come to mind when first viewing the exterior of Sussex House in Brighton, Victoria. Its strong, angular presence and robust materiality reference elements of Brutalist architecture which have risen from utilitarian connotations to its current stance of a curated vision. Hard materials, raw texture, geometric forms, monochromatic palettes, and refined greenery to soften its perimeter all feature in this home. mckimm design & build were the visionaries behind this project and cleverly combine style, functionality and the environment surrounding Sussex House. The home is in close proximity to the coast and these unforgiving climate conditions require solidity. Sussex’s concrete panels and large glazed windows offer this durability. On closer inspection, however, and via the vast window portals, you begin to see elements of contrasting softness to the exterior of the building. 

The soft folded sheers are a perfect contrast with the hard materiality of the exterior. SOM Blinds worked closely with the client to select a fabric by Zepel that was functional, durable, yet beautiful. They then designed, manufactured, and installed the custom made window furnishings throughout the home creating visual continuity and ample light throughout each space. The fabric chosen, Chance in colour Dune, is a super soft finely woven polyester design that has a two-tone effect, allowing for bounds of filtered light while creating privacy. 




A home designed for entertainment, the elongated windows in the dining area allow the beautifully installed sheer to really shine - creating the perfect amount of softness against the charcoal colour scheme, hard finishes of natural/blue stone, and speckled tiled floor.

Depending on the time-of-day, Sussex House can also appear dark and moody which is ideal for the more intimate spaces within the home such as the bedroom and bathroom. The neutral palette and highly minimalist aesthetic create a serene feel in these expansive spaces, where the mind can be uncluttered at days end. The addition of the sheer drapery in these interiors adds that needed element of privacy and warmth, creating a soft perimeter around the room for further comfort. The large, glazed windows also allow the homeowners to connect these spaces with the manicured gardens on the outside.

SOM Blinds and mckimm have collaborated on numerous projects showcasing their versatility and expertise in design and furnishings. Sussex House has been shortlisted in the 2021 Australian Interior Design Awards.


Photographer Timothy Kaye –, @timothykaye 

mckimm design & build –, @mckimm 

SOM Blinds –, @somblinds