Digital Services

Closing the imagination gap, by digitally creating photorealistic quality images of furniture and curtains, in all fabrics, colours and applications.

High quality digital renders of interior furnishings & rooms with James Dunlop Group digital fabrics that match the actual fabrics.

The days of large budgets, prototyping products and staging photoshoots on location are over. We can visualise your products in all possible combinations of fabrics and room styles. Our digital textures are sophisticated digital replicas of our fabrics, encoded with three dimensional properties that produce perfect photorealistic renders of your products.

Our Solutions

The Digital Process

Briefing Style & Selections

We work with you to define your project, the specifications and create visual examples.

3D Modeling

We work with our partners to create the initial 3D model wire frame which is the first step in bringing your project to life. Once the initial wire frame of the 3D model/render is completed to our satisfaction we send to you for feedback and provide one free round of adjustments.


Once your wire frame is approved, the specified digital fabric textures are applied and rendered into a complete digital image.

Final Render Delivery

Delivery of your project! We provide you with your renders plus digital swatches of all fabrics used and other tools to help you get the most out of your investment.