We are interested in what fabric can bring to life. Our blog is a celebration of the lifestyle, culture and design that influences what we do.

Colour has an indescribable influence that can elevate, excite, or induce calm, and relaxation. Its emotive impact is endless which defines it as a key element when introducing colour into your home.   

It's becoming increasing apparent that our preoccupation with considered slow living, digital technologies, and the environment are influencing colour. And this is not necessarily related to actual colour shades, but the ways of its creation which are revealing new experiences in colour. These experiences are being explored by designers and artists. An example being the emerging development of naturally derived, low-impact dyes and pigments that will become common place and will add inherent calming benefits in textiles.  

The following outlines our colour forecast for this year that draws influence from innovations in colour manufacturing, the environment, digital advancements, and design concepts that will come to the forefront. 

As technology advances in all industries, we are thrilled to be able to deliver a digital tool to our customers that enables them to visualise their favourite fabric within a space – on a sofa, chair, or as curtains in a room.

Many people find imagining a new upholstered piece of furniture or set of curtains very difficult - this is referred to as the ‘imagination gap’. Zepel has created a visual solution to help close this gap.  

When designing and developing fabrics whether that be for residential, commercial or hospitality projects, Zepel considers consumer safety and the environment as an intrinsic part of business practice. Collaborating with mills that can provide industry relevant certifications that fabrics are safe for you, your family, and for the environment is a part of this responsibility.

To any Northern Hemisphere folk reading this, apologies, but we are heading into summer here ‘Down South’ and it coincides with the lifting of restrictions, and honestly, we cannot WAIT to get out there! In Australia and New Zealand, we have a very special and unique interaction with our outdoor spaces that often blur into our living areas, and for at least half the year act as an extension of our interior. Accordingly, there is an intrinsic link between developments and inspirations that influence the interior space, and outdoor design is every bit as trend rich and responsive to fresh ideas and culture shifts that affect other aspects of design. There are some emerging currents we are beginning to see for ‘outdoor’ and we wanted to explore a few here in more detail - in readiness for the warm long days ahead.

At Zepel we seek opportunities to engage and celebrate innovative initiatives in design. This doesn’t need to specifically relate to textiles, but any industry that appreciates furnishings, decorative art, and considers how they enhance and complement interior styling. We were immediately struck by this organisation designed for women seeking to tackle the building industry, BuildHer Collective. This innovative service provides easy to access online educational support, courses, blogs, pod casts, and 'one on one' advice for women that are undertaking building projects and major renovations. 

Their mantra of ‘we help women renovate, develop, and grow’ is immediately empowering, eliminates what initially feels like a confronting industry to approach, and instils confidence via their reassuring messages and accessible road maps.  

Staying indoors more regularly has encouraged many of us to increase comfort within our homes. This focus on improving our private spaces has come in many forms such as redecorating, adding comfortable furniture, de cluttering (and practising minimalism), reconfiguring a space to align with beliefs such as feng shui, or completely renovating a house. However, when those four walls start to close in further, why not create an outdoor addition to your home – a space that is completely yours for work, reflection, or leisure with the added bonus of vitamin D. This outdoor addition doesn’t only need to apply to the home, but hospitality venues can also greatly benefit from sun drenched outdoor dining areas. And we all know that outdoor entertainment is greatly favoured right now.  

The current advances in yarn technology continue to evolve, and at Zepel we seek opportunities with our high-performance brands to take advantage of these innovations. Our newest addition, FibreGuard Outdoor, introduces further refinements to yarn that combat Australia’s harsh elements. The secret to this innovative range is the composition of Solution Dyed Polyolefin which has numerous benefits, most notably its powerful resistant to UV exposure and easy clean qualities. A yarn that is specially created for outdoor environments, this powerful synthetic material is first solution dyed, penetrating the fibre in its entirety, and then extracted for yarn manufacture. These fabrics are also moisture, mildew, odour resistant and anti-microbial. 

Even though these exclusive benefits appear to take the limelight, it is also FibreGuard Outdoor’s modern style, aesthetics, and textural designs that are equally notable. Outdoor fabrics are no longer limited to basic neutrals, stripes, or leafy patterning, but have become sophisticated and striking.

At Zepel we are renowned for our modern and sophisticated fabric designs with practical attributes. The versatility of collections within our range are ideal for residential and commercial applications, proving a popular choice with designers and home renovators across the country.  Our focus is providing quality high performance ‘life-friendly’ textiles, fabrics that are durable, easy clean, modern and epitomise everyday luxury.

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our new FibreGuard Outdoor fabric range just in time for the long-anticipated summer months ahead. And, if you didn’t already know about the specialist attributes of the FibreGuard brand, then read on.  
FibreGuard is an innovative fabric technology that provides in-built, stain resistant technology while also offering innovative features including water repellence, easy clean properties, and colour fade and mildew resistance while still maintaining a stylish finish in a variety of colourways.  And did we mention that you can easily remove sunscreens and skin products from these fabrics! 
Outdoor dining or lounge furniture takes the brunt of the harsh Australasian climate, and with outdoor living and entertaining as popular as ever, it pays to ensure you can rely on your high-performance upholstery fabric to last the distance.