A brief history of 400 years of excellence: Texdecor Group - Casamance

The textiles industry in 17th century France was commonly run by families in their homes, where the weavers were the energy behind the creation of fabrics.

Since 2012, Zepel has established a strong and dynamic partnership with renowned French interior décor company, Texdecor Group. In the forefront of superior furnishings and design, Texdecor comprises of 7 brands across 5 specialisations. Zepel are incredibly fortunate to represent the brand Casamance, which creates reimagined classic and contemporary furnishings that surpass standards in quality and current trends in design and manufacturing. The achievements of Casamance and Texdecor, is steeped in 400 years of history, and centuries of refined tradition paved by the sheer determination of the Motte family lineage.       

The textiles industry in 17th century France was commonly run by families in their homes, where the weavers were the energy behind the creation of fabrics. The Motte family during this time were renowned merchant manufacturers of wool in the city of Lille. Being located in the North of France, which became the largest manufacturing and trading area between Europe and England, gave the business a firm advantage. However, it was the foresight and ingenuity of visionaries from the family, and the automated advances from the industrial revolution that secured the continuation of the brand to the success it has become today.

During the rise of industrialism in 1790, Jean-Baptiste Motte became an Industrialist specialising in textiles. He was the founder of the ‘Manufacture Motte-Brédart’ and was a prominent figure in society as the Mayor Councillor. 

Later, Louis Motte in 1840, gained the position as the force behind the business in nearby Roubaix. He also was an Industrialist specialising in textiles, and realised the vast potential in importing the latest invention from his trips to England. For the factory, he imported the ‘self-acting’ cotton system. The business thrived, and became the largest cotton spinning mill in France. He additionally founded a cotton weaving plant and a wool spinning mill.    

Louis Motte    /    Self-acting cotton system    

The Motte Factory became the flagship of industrial architecture in the North, and today is a historical monument. Louis Motte and his mother opened a grand cotton spinning mill which was engulfed in flames before completion. Shortly after, the mill was rebuilt even bigger, and in area was almost the size of all other spinning mills in Northern France combined, later became the largest in France.  

In 1890, Alfred Motte, (Louis’s youngest brother), began to seek out the best textiles workers in France and England. He recruited the best dye technicians of the time, while improving the facilities of his factories. With these industrial improvements, the team managed to dye double the production for the year of other industries with a similar workforce. Alfred had the great ability of not only finding the best technicians, but allowing them to see their incredible potential.

Increased production, Motte Factory 

Moving forward to the 1970s, Raphaël Motte, decided to drive the brand into new and uncharted territory by no longer concentrating solely on manufacturing, but on textiles design as well. He made the courageous decision to sell almost all of the Motte factories. In 1974, Raphaël founded Texdecor in Willems City, but unfortunately passed away only a few years after the creation of the company. His son, Raphaël Motte, took over the company at age 25. He also possessed a strong affinity for design and shared his father’s vision of creating luxury fabrics and wall décor for the French people.

The brand today specialises in designing unique, high quality textiles and wall coverings, employing 70 designers across the 7 brands. Raphaël’s partnership with his brother in law, Mathieu Derville, Sales Specialist, has fortified the success of Texdecor which is now the largest French company of interior fabrics and décor. The brand sells and imports its illustrious products across Europe and the world, and continues to the push boundaries in design and new approaches to manufacturing techniques that reflect current interests. Zepel are extremely proud to be a part of this strong partnership, sharing their passion for excellence - a heritage built on family, integrity and grit.

Design team, Texdecor Group    /    Colour samples, Casamance 

Larimar, drapery from the Flores collection    /    Olea, wallpaper from the Manille collection


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