Inside the Studio – Zepel’s Top 10

We have asked Jannah to highlight her top ten favourite Zepel fabrics.

Jannah Stevens began her creative studies in set design in Brisbane back in 2005, from here an interest in interior design grew.  A move to Melbourne saw Jannah undertaking formal training in both interior and textile design, finally graduating in 2009. 


After several years working in the textile industry and gaining a great foundational knowledge of textiles, she then started up her own small business creating and hand painting watercolour designs for digitally printed, homeware accessories.  As momentum increased, Jannah’s business evolved into a brick n mortar pop-up shop for 12 months on high Street in Armadale.   It’s this experience that Jannah draws upon today when developing product for Zepel where she has been the Product Development Co-ordinator since 2018.

1.   Nicoya
320cm wide 90% Polyester 10% Linen / continuous and wide width.

This fabric has been recently released and I had a lot to do with the design development, so I’m biased! But I love how unique and relaxed this sheer appears, even though it has a patterned element to it. Nicoya has an earthy texture running through the striped bands and I would honestly and happily use it my own home, in any colourway.

2.   Motion
300cm wide and continuous, 100% Polyester.

This sheer is so soft and natural looking. It’s hugely popular with our customers and the colour selection for Motion is on point! My favourite thing about Motion is the weight, medium to heavy, and just like the image shows, it’s the perfect privacy or divider sheers. Looking great in retail spaces and in residential applications…so modern, so chic!

3.   Get Out - Outdoor Collection
140cm Wide, 100% solution dyed acrylic, multi use.

A Zepel staple, the Get Out collection incorporates contemporary, transitional and traditional designs in a true medley of fashionable and classic colours. The collection is woven with 100% solution dyed acrylic yarns but doesn’t feel synthetic at all which I think is really unique when it comes to outdoor fabrics, as they often tend to feel quite stiff and even, dare I say ‘plasticy’.  This collection even has an outdoor grade sheer! Sophisticated and contemporary.



4.   Brugge
140cm wide, 100% Linen

Brugge is a stunning 100% Linen drapery cloth with a generous weight and a beautiful, natural aesthetic that always makes a house feel like home.  I love that about linen. The design comes in a palette of sophisticated neutrals and subdued hues that enhance its earthy, organic aesthetic, which perfectly align with both a rustic and contemporary interior scheme.



5.   Bryce
300cm wide continuous, 100% Polyester 

This is the coolest mesh-weave sheer ever. The colour palette is very understated, neutral and faashionable – reminding me of iconic styles of the 70s. This is again, a great ‘soft room divider’ look in home and corporate spaces, but equally captivating on the window. Ideal if you are looking for a graphic sheer without the pattern, and you want to break away from the ‘linen-look’ textured drapery that you see everywhere right now. I love a mesh weave sheer!

6.   Arum
140cm wide, 100% Cotton digital print – Multipurpose use.

Arum is a new release print from the Tropico collection, I fell in love with this design when I saw it made up on this daybed! It’s just the right amount of pattern and colour that you could use anywhere in the home.  I’d love to see this on a bedhead or on a retro cane suite.  It’s right on-trend for the 60s and 70s revival we are seeing so much of right now in fashion and interiors.

7.   Lech
140cm wide, 100% polyester – FibreGuard, Multipurpose use.

Who doesn’t love a velvet? Lech is so vibrant without being too shiny and ‘glitzy’ looking, it’s more like a cotton velvet in appearance and the colour selection is divine! Lech is also multi-purpose and is a FibreGuard stain resistant product making this a powerful drapery and upholstery option for both residential and commercial projects. The copper colorway in the photography has stolen my heart!




8.   Mingle Mangle
138cm wide, 100% Polyester – FibreGuard

Mingle Mangle is a plain weave with a boucle yarn construction and I am never disappointed with how this one looks upholstered and did I mention it’s also easy clean FibreGuard! So much texture and comfort is built into this design, and I love how versatile it is.  It looks stunning on curvy formal furnishings and effortlessly cool on sharp, simple modern furniture.

9.  Akari Collection – Mikko & Kyoko
138cm wide / 60% Viscose, 31% Polyester, 9% Linen

This collection was inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian or ‘Japandi’ design concepts. The simple fan (Kyoko) and wavy stripe (Mikko), designs are woven into a beautiful, blended construction of viscose, polyester and linen, which produces a subtle lustre and an exquisite hand while still looking very natural. When designing this collection we wanted simple, timeless versatile patterns that encouraged people to bring colour into their homes and be an easy co-ordinate with all the other beautiful plains we have in our range.  I feel the Akari collection really achieves this for the brand.

10.   Sultan
142cm wide / 100% Polyester – FibreGuard Pro

What’s not to love about the Sultan design? Yes, it’s another Boucle weave and it’s also quite new but already winning fans everywhere with its high-end ‘wool-boucle’ look and built-in FibreGuard Pro technology (anti-microbial, moisture resistant, easy clean). Sultan will be a force to be reckoned with in the market as there just aren’t healthcare grade products out there currently with this look and feel. It’s a high performance fabric with a really approachable and homely aesthetic which I love.

“Which way does the stripe run?” One of the most frequently asked questions we receive both in our showrooms, and over the phone. It is a question that can be easily confused, especially when interpreting fabric specifications from a small sample and how that translates to a roll of fabric.