A Superior Union – FibreGuard Pro in Hospitality & Healthcare

It was fortunate timing that Zepel introduced the high-performance fabric range, FibreGuard Pro, in late 2019. This collection has thoughtfully considered our increasing concern when visiting hospitality and healthcare premises. The interior furnishings within these spaces that our body comes in contact with, such as couches and chairs, the surfaces we touch, and possibly the drapery, require suitably engineered fabrics to ensure we are protected from any harmful bacteria and germs. It may seem like an exaggeration and something we would never consider before, but untreated fabrics in hospitality and certainly in healthcare, can harbour harmful germs and bacteria. Furthermore, with the increasing requirement to uphold stringent hygiene in public spaces, a fabric range that could eliminate this stress in our view is invaluable. No need to fret however - our FibreGuard Pro fabrics while being specifically designed for high traffic, demanding interiors, are also germ repellent while being visually attractive.

The facts

FibreGuard Pro fabrics stop the spread of bacteria and germs on fabric covered surfaces in public spaces. 

The superior properties in these fabric designs include:

  • Anti-moisture protection: the unique properties in these fabrics ensure that liquid or moisture is not able to move through the fabric or absorb into the yarn.  
  • Fully breathable: a fine, breathable membrane has been applied to the back of these fabrics to prevent liquid absorption and encourage air circulation. 
  • Mildew and odour resistant: mildew and spills that cause bad odours cannot attach to the fabric yarns, and furthermore the upholstery foam inside the furniture.
  • Anti-microbial: an anti-microbial solution is applied during the fabric production adding extra security and repelling harmful germs and bacteria by more than 90%.
  • Stunningly soft: typical moisture barrier fabrics are often rigid, however the anti-moisture membrane in FibreGuard Pro fabrics is flexible creating fluid movement and incredible softness.
  • Easy to clean: just use a cloth with water and hand soap for accidental spills and stains. For best results, remove the stain as soon as possible. For more information on these easy clean steps, please view the following link:
  • Contemporary and trend focused designs: offering a variety of textures, patterns and colours, warm designs creating inviting comfort, and even neutrals which are rarely considered in hospitality and healthcare. FibreGuard Pro’s inherent easy clean properties ensure all colourways are an option.
  • Designed for high-use furnishings in the commercial/healthcare industry: FibreGuard Pro fabrics are highly durable and remain strong and fresh for the life of the fabric.   
Furniture upholstered in Spartacus

Furniture upholstered in Spartacus

Chairs upholstered in Michelin Collection

Chairs upholstered in Michelin Collection

FibreGuard Pro fabrics excel in mechanical upholstery testing with all designs achieving

  • High Martindale and Wyzenbeek testing results 
  • Excellent results against pilling and brush pilling
  • Robust yarn strength and constructions ensuring excellent seam slippage results
  • Exceptional colourfast to light, and resistance to fading due to the use of quality dyes 
  • Successful removal of the harshest of stains, (food, wine and various moisture spills) 

As we are become more confident to return to normal living, many consumers will regularly turn to restaurants, regional area accommodation, cafés, cinemas, and arts and culture venues for entertainment. More importantly, as phone consultations are reduced and we become less anxious about visiting our family doctor and hospitals, there is relief in the knowledge that fabrics used in waiting rooms and offices were safe and hygienic. With this in mind, it is imperative that these vital industries approach consumer health and safety flexibly, with innovation and adaptability being at the forefront.

Smart interior design means safer Healthcare

Strict hygiene standards in healthcare is paramount during this pandemic. Our FibreGuard Pro fabrics are tested in independent laboratories to ensure their inherent superior properties are of the highest quality. Additionally, this extensive testing is undertaken to ensure these fabrics surpass worldwide textiles standards. FibreGuard Pro combines not only safe, and anti-microbial/moisture properties, but considers comfort, fabric handle, and visual appeal. The appearance, feel and comfort of a healthcare facility can greatly benefit a patients’ well-being. Fabrics that are soft, inviting to touch and comfortable are an important factor in this range. 

Healthcare ambience doesn’t have to be sterile, cold, and uncomfortable. This range banishes these preconceived notions by combining vibrant and warm colours, innovative patterns, and intricate textures.  The power of colour, and visual optimism with layering inviting texture and colour can greatly benefit a patient and their families’ experience during a stressful time. FibreGuard Pro fabrics incredible cleanability and anti-moisture barrier ensures bacteria cannot penetrate the fabric yarn, and can be scrubbed time after time again without degradation.  

The important questions explained

Are FibreGuard Pro fabrics eco-friendly and safe for human contact?

Yes! All our FibreGuard fabrics including FibreGuard Pro and FibreGuard Outdoor, are certified under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.  This guarantees that our fabrics won’t release any harmful finishes or chemicals into the environment and are completely safe for humans and pets. 

Are all FibreGuard ranges washable?

Yes, all FibreGuard ranges are fully washable. Through constant testing methods, we’ve ensured the soft touch, bold colour, and stability of the fabric itself are maintained throughout the washing process and life of the product.

Zepel is committed to contributing to this global pandemic by providing high-performance textile solutions to the hospitality and healthcare industry.    

For more information on the FibreGuard Pro range click here.

There is a strong belief that velvet fabrics are high-maintenance and need to be shielded from the demands of heavy use. This couldn’t be further from the truth, in particular with Zepel’s velvet fabrics. 

We put this ill-informed theory to the test to see why velvets had a reputation for being delicate.   We engineered methods of textile construction to create stronger velvet fabrics that are still plush and inviting to touch. Man-made fibres, such as polyester, ensure durability and longevity without sacrificing that beautiful handle inherent in natural fibres. 

Careful planning and testing resulted in the creation of our high-performance velvet fabrics.  They are not only fire-retardant but are ready for high-traffic areas such as hotel lobbies and hospitality venues. 

Thanks to the Industrial Revolution, velvet became a regular sight in the hospitality sector. During the 1900s, glamorous hotels, bars and restaurants were draped with velvet and typically upholstered chaise lounges and dining chairs. The fabric was exemplified with the fashion conscious, artists, musicians, and middle to upper class. During the 1920s velvet optimised a society rich in culture, economy, and music appreciation, particularly ‘Jazz’. A response to the recovery of a devastating war, the 20s flung open the doors to elaborate dance clubs and music venues.  The Savoy Ballroom, Cotton Club and Apollo Theatre were a part of this growing fascination with velvet furnishings, and its profound impact on representing luxury and cultural sophistication. Devoré velvet dresses also made a regularly appearance in fashion and dance venues.    

It was not only it’s chic aura that made it popular in venues, but it’s inherent ability to assist with sound absorption. With big bands such as the Chick Webb ensemble featuring vocalist Ella Fitzgerald, and the Count Basie Band playing regularly at these venues, the roaring sound was softened by rooms covered in velvets. Today however, our velvets include so many more high-performance qualities.