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The current advances in yarn technology continue to evolve, and at Zepel we seek opportunities with our high-performance brands to take advantage of these innovations. Our newest addition, FibreGuard Outdoor, introduces further refinements to yarn that combat Australia’s harsh elements. The secret to this innovative range is the composition of Solution Dyed Polyolefin which has numerous benefits, most notably its powerful resistant to UV exposure and easy clean qualities. A yarn that is specially created for outdoor environments, this powerful synthetic material is first solution dyed, penetrating the fibre in its entirety, and then extracted for yarn manufacture. These fabrics are also moisture, mildew, odour resistant and anti-microbial. 

Even though these exclusive benefits appear to take the limelight, it is also FibreGuard Outdoor’s modern style, aesthetics, and textural designs that are equally notable. Outdoor fabrics are no longer limited to basic neutrals, stripes, or leafy patterning, but have become sophisticated and striking.

The Collection


This handsome, linen-look outdoor fabric makes it easy to bring the gentle qualities of residential upholstery, outside. Climbing comes in an array of versatile indoor/outdoor friendly colours, and like all the designs in this collection is safe guarded by its Solution Dyed Polyolefin construction.


Zepel FibreGuard Outdoor


This effortless design makes outdoor living truly serene. Camping is a robust and sophisticated looking plain weave upholstery with a subtle, speckled three tone effect. Available in a vibrant and versatile selection of colours and woven with unrivalled durability, Camping is made to last.


Zepel FibreGuard Outdoor


This eye catching, geometric fabric is designed to complement and co-ordinate with the many robust patterns and plains from this collection, adding visual dynamism to your outdoor setting. Featuring a striking lattice hexagon pattern in a contrasting neutral or vibrant colour, Hunting will make a decorative yet bold statement. 


Zepel FibreGuard Outdoor


This sophisticated and classic Greek-key design is not only visually appealing but comes in an alluring selection of bright and neutral colour ways. Each colourway is woven with two complementary tones where its refined and subtle pattern gently oscillated between the deep and light-coloured shade.  


Zepel FibreGuard Outdoor


Rafting is a playful co-ordinate design with a subtle dot pattern. The repeated dots are slightly pressed in the surface of the fabric creating a dynamic and woven relief texture. This durable and easy clean fabric provides interest through its unique finish, and refreshing colour palette. 


Zepel FibreGuard Outdoor


Running is a tactile outdoor fabric with a stunning chevron embroidered surface pattern. This design provides a high-end aesthetic to your outdoor setting, and makes the perfect co-ordinate pattern when paired with designs Camping and Climbing from this collection. 


Zepel FibreGuard Outdoor

Outdoor living can be enjoyed all year round no matter the season or weather conditions. With FibreGuard Outdoor, you no longer need to store your furniture away from the elements during extreme weather conditions and winter months. Any outdoor space, vast or intimate including balconies, can be transformed into a private and serene sanctuary. And with ‘home staycations’ being a worldwide movement, why not indulge in revamping your outdoor area. 

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To find out more on the technical qualities and benefits of FibreGuard Outdoor, you can read more here.

At Zepel we are renowned for our modern and sophisticated fabric designs with practical attributes. The versatility of collections within our range are ideal for residential and commercial applications, proving a popular choice with designers and home renovators across the country.  Our focus is providing quality high performance ‘life-friendly’ textiles, fabrics that are durable, easy clean, modern and epitomise everyday luxury.