Grand by FR-One

Grand is the theme of this release by FR-One, showcasing a combination of two main themes - calm naturals and luxurious vibrant textures which bring a sensation of real glamour.

FR-One fabrics perform to all stringent flame retardant standards worldwide. Their furnishing fabrics are suitable for contract, hospitality and residential use, whilst also being on trend.

Grand is made up of nine key collections: Aten Dim OutGhazalGolfGossianGenialGalileoGrandioso,
Genova and Genii.

Genova collection by FR-One.

Genova collection by FR-One.


Aten Dim Out is perfect for any environments requiring privacy and a certain darkness. The collection is characterised by soft and easy-going shades in a natural and earthy colour spectrum. The two matt designs combine style and functionality whilst the herringbone pattern will add a subtle lustre to your interior.


The Ghazal collection consists of sheers reminiscent of the floating voiles of the Babylonian era. Discover the refined subtle mesh quality of Girsu, the beautiful handwoven hessian hemp look of Gudea and the heavier silky denier drape of Gilgamesh with its strong neutrals. Ghazal is an amazing sheers collection with beautiful drape that will dress any windows to the most demanding contract ones.


Golf is a multi-purpose fabric with an excellent durability. The simple dotty pattern hides many contract performances. This intricate weave delivers the highest sound absorption and ranks as ‘extremely absorbing’. The colour range starts with decorous neutral, pastel shades and continues into fabulous vibrant colours that blend fully into its coordinating compilation book; Gossian.



Gossian concludes the story of calm naturals with its glorious woven design Gatsby. For the first time this collection presents two printed dim out fabrics: Gwendoline; a soft floral design and Ginerva; an aquarelle sculptured leaf design.


Genial is a double width drapery collection with an exciting mixed colour palette. It gives the freedom to create a whole range of seamless drapery looks and is ideal for larger window areas. It has an exquisite selection of naturals and softer colours, which combine with fresh brighter colours.


Galileo is a jacquard drapery collection that comprised of silk textures with three dimensional effects. It mixes contemporary soft and bright colours enhancing further the daedalian eye catching nature of its three designs: Galathea; a glorious modern serpentine watermark pattern, Ganymede; a spatial geometric raindrop design and Giove; a whimsical pattern with a voluptuous lustrous feel.


Grandioso is a luxurious blend of eclectic designs travelling through a range of striking colour palettes. Firstly, it offers three distinct dim outs: Galore; a fabulous printed ombré effect, Gioia; a precious metallic embossed design and Gadolinium; a wide black & metallic stripe. It also contains four additional subtly raised embroidery draperies: Gaspeite and Gazillion; gorgeous modern damasks, striped Goshenite and finally Ghibli; a star gazing stunning pattern bringing this fabulous collection together.


Rediscover the splendours of Italian classic weft figured velvets with this rich and sophisticated colour range. Genova is a high-end product that has a superb soft touch and amazing durability. Its three designs drape beautifully showing the full multi-purpose application of these decorative velour’s. Gosh marries classical damask to vibrant luxury, Gilda is a dimensional cut velvet with a subtle pomegranate palmette and Gloria is a plain contemporary with a vintage feel that will ravish the eyes.


Genii comprises of versatile multipurpose hard-wearing chenilles and jacquards that are suitable for upholstery and draperies. Designs range from small geometric patterns inspired by necktie motives to grand damask patterns. Colours encompass cool blues, sea greens to neutrals to strong comforting tones.

For more information on these grand new collections you can visit one of our trade showrooms or contact your Account Manager.


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