Digital interpretations to visualise design

“This tool helps people see the potential of their design decisions, visualise what could be, close the gap from what currently is to a vision of the future space.”


As technology advances in all industries, we are thrilled to be able to deliver a digital tool to our customers that enables them to visualise their favourite fabric within a space – on a sofa, chair, or as curtains in a room.

Many people find imagining a new upholstered piece of furniture or set of curtains very difficult - this is referred to as the ‘imagination gap’. Zepel has created a visual solution to help close this gap.  

Our new Digital Visualiser tool located on our website is a significant innovation for interior designers and style enthusiasts. This remarkable function captures every fibre and texture of our fabrics to provide you with a realistic picture of our wide range of upholstery and curtain designs. These realistic interpretations of our fabrics can then be adapted to your chosen curtain type, furniture piece and interior room style from our image library – achieved via digital 3D rendering software.

After many conversations with our customers and clients, it became obvious to us here at Zepel that during the design process there is often a barrier to visualising a fabric insitu. Digital visualisation is our way of providing customers and clients with confidence in their initial selection. No longer do you have to commit to producing or sourcing a physical sample, spend time manipulating the colours of previous photoshoots and imagery, or imagine that special furniture piece from a fabric swatch. Our photorealistic rendering solution is an efficient way to visualise a range of furniture and drapery pieces across various fabric designs in an array of colour options.  

To provide this tool our marketing team have taken physical examples of soft furnishings/furniture pieces creating the digital 3D shape, and covering them with our digital fabrics and textures. The result is high resolution images of furniture and drapery across a range of fabrics, in every colour you can imagine.

True colours and textures are of the utmost importance with this tool and representing the fabric at a sizeable scale - meaning interior design choices can be formulated easily and effectively at home.

Find our Furniture Visualiser here.

Find our Curtain Visualiser here

When designing and developing fabrics whether that be for residential, commercial or hospitality projects, Zepel considers consumer safety and the environment as an intrinsic part of business practice. Collaborating with mills that can provide industry relevant certifications that fabrics are safe for you, your family, and for the environment is a part of this responsibility.