‘Cocooning’ In Modern Rustic Interiors

“Almost like a faraway retreat or cabin in the mountains, even though we can’t physically be there, this mood can be created.”

The interior style of modern rustic is gaining momentum and arrives at an ideal moment, or perhaps it’s this current uncertain time, that has ushered in this inspiring trend. There is a focus on creating stress-free environments that combine elements of natural fabrics, raw materials, earthy colour schemes, and extreme comfort combined with an underlying sense of escapism. Almost like a faraway retreat or cabin in the mountains, even though we can’t physically be there, this mood can be created. This ideology perfectly marries with the notion of ‘cocooning’. First proclaimed by trend forecaster, Faith Popcorn, the interior style of cocooning revolves around the idea of creating a safe, comforting interior, removing you from the angst and uncertainty of the outside world. Sounds perfect right?

Here we take a look at some of these modern rustic ideas, and fabrics from Zepel that emulate this growing trend.

The basics

Creating a serene, relaxed space can be achieved by starting with the fundamentals considered, comfortable furniture, a neutral or pared back colour scheme, and natural/raw materials. These elements are a great contrast with sleek surfaces, pristine walls, and distressed textures in floor boards. A variety of materials add character to a space in a gradual way, which is achieved beautifully in this bedroom below.

Adding textural interest and warmth through varied patterns, layered fabrics and decorative pieces. Image found on Instagram @bates.cottage

Adding textural interest and warmth through varied patterns, layered fabrics and decorative pieces. Image found on Instagram @bates.cottage

Embracing a neutral colour palette

A neutral colour scheme immediately allows you to incorporate multiple textiles through layering. Calming shades offer a less confused and cluttered aesthetic that achieves a more serene and interesting space. Our Richwool collection perfectly combines, not only various natural shades, but super plush chenille textures, subtle patterning, and incredible comfort. Cheviot boasts a low pile shearling-look, Cormo features a stunning basket weave pattern, and Texel presents a fine, striated design through the fabric surface. These designs will add further peace and simplicity to your daily life with their stain resistant FibreGuard protection.   

Richwool collection, Zepel: Cheviot, Cormo, Texel (FibreGuard) 

Richwool collection, Zepel: Cheviot, Cormo, Texel (FibreGuard

Adding interest and warmth with patterns, textures and natural materials

Imitating a specific interior style is hard to achieve unless the right materials are selected. The same rule applies to modern rustic, and it’s this combination of texture and contrasting textiles that defines this natural splendour.

"When it comes to my designs, the fabrics and textures are just as important as the colour palette. Because I like to keep the colour palette soft in neutral spaces, I love adding plenty of texture by including a variety of fabrics that add depth to the overall design. Boucle, wool, sheepskin, linen–you name it, I love it! For neutral bedrooms, I like to keep the colour palette soft, even with accent colours.” – Amy Kartheiser of Amy Kartheiser Design

Modern rustic design for a classic farmhouse, by Bunsa Studio Interiors 

Modern rustic design for a classic farmhouse, by Bunsa Studio Interiors 

The notion of rustic chic décor can be infused with a variety of interior design styles. The prominent direction or style you wish to take, can be expressed through signature elements such as wall hangings, exposed timber beams, light fittings, organic objects and blending contrasting textiles and wall treatments.

Our Overland Collection (FibreGuard), marries a variety of woven textures, subtle flecks of yarn colours and understated patterns, to create visual interest in this predominately modernist interior below.

The timeless and classic chevron, Greek key and geometric maze pattern feature in this collection, and are expressed in soft neutrals and subdued earthy colours. This jacquard range plays on tactility and woven design to create a sense of a restful retreat. The neutral serenity of this collection enables layering of textures, multiple patterns, plains and eclectic materials within the home and in lounges to create a comforting haven.    

If pattern is not to your taste, chunky textured fabrics, which are making a dramatic resurgence this year, will add an abundance of woven detail and warm tactility. The imperfect flecks of colour, nubby yarns, and natural aesthetic of this design, Weave, will add rustic chic to lounge areas. The high performance nature of this durable fabric and FR certification ensures further peace of mind.       

Weave by Zepel: Stone

Weave by Zepel: Stone

Combining elements of highly textured, natural and raw materials, are not the only option when creating modern rustic interiors. Even the apparent contrasting styles of Japanese minimalism, or ‘Japandi’, which embraces rustic materials from Japanese interiors in combination with the highly sleek aesthetic of its partner style, Scandinavian, can create a mesmerising narrative.  

Weave by Zepel: Clay

Weave by Zepel: Clay

Home interiors can do so much more than we may realise, and can soften or eliminate the frequent interruptions of daily white noise. From the constant rolling of imagery and news in our ever changing current time where uncertainty sways, it’s important to recognise that we may have become accustomed to this, and reverse this normality. The experience within our home is something that can be meaningfully curated, to create a visual and tactile narrative that brings beauty, and respite, from the outside. Adding personal distinctive character to our space is valuable to our well-being. Why not make some time to create your own calm, comfortable, and caring environment.

Looking for more rustic design and fabric inspiration? Visit our space of relaxed simplicity on Pinterest. Click here and we will take you there.


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“They can also be used to create a sense of mystique, something beyond,” says Phelan, who regularly uses Zepel’s collection of sheers for a variety of projects from residential projects through to hospitality.