Conserving Energy At Christian Fischbacher

Our partnership with this luxury Swedish brand has been fortunate, and Zepel are honoured to represent a brand producing high quality, sophisticated fabrics that promote new methods in sustainable practices.

The pursuits of Christian Fischbacher to implement advances in sustainability and unconventional methods with the manufacturing of recycled textiles and yarn, have been remarkable. Our partnership with this luxury Swiss brand has been fortunate, and Zepel are honoured to represent a brand producing high quality, sophisticated fabrics that promote new methods in sustainable practices. It’s with no surprise that with the recent renovation to their warehouse that Michael Fischbacher, (CEO Christian Fischbacher), decided to opt for a green approach and install a solar power system comprising of 267 modules. 

The roof of the company’s warehouse on Mövenstrasse in St. Gallen is a flat, vast expanse of space that perfectly accommodates this solar power installation. The hundreds of modules generate 73.425 kWh of power. Annually, this equates to an output of 66,700 kWh, which on average is equivalent to the electricity required to run 17 households (4,000 kWh per household). 

The amount of photovoltaics energy that can be generated from Switzerland’s sun is astronomical, and greatly surpasses the required amount for all of the country’s electricity consumption. This created a very simple decision for the company to invest in renewable energy, contribute to this positive movement and utilise unused space, such as the warehouse roof, in achieving this vision. The electricity generated by the solar panels is now used for lighting and powering machinery at the St Gallen headquarters. In combination with the added insulation installed in the roof, the system can produce up to 100% of the electricity required for the premises. At their Como site, which is where the logistics centre is based, energy efficiency has also been improved. The automated air circulation system that is self-regulating, has ensured that air conditioning is no longer required. This alone preserves an incredible amount of energy per year for a company of multiple large buildings.     

We are sincerely fortunate to be associated with a brand that not only considers creative innovation, design and quality as the force behind their values, but also believes in the continuous evolution and implementation of clean energy. A truly admirable stance to take in our world-wide ambition to support energy and environmental conservation.    


‘Cocooning’ In Modern Rustic Interiors

Trends & Inspiration

The interior style of modern rustic is gaining momentum and arrives at an ideal moment, or perhaps it’s this current uncertain time, that has ushered in this inspiring trend. There is a focus on creating stress-free environments that combine elements of natural fabrics, raw materials, earthy colour schemes, and extreme comfort combined with an underlying sense of escapism. Almost like a faraway retreat or cabin in the mountains, even though we can’t physically be there, this mood can be created. This ideology perfectly marries with the notion of ‘cocooning’. First proclaimed by trend forecaster, Faith Popcorn, the interior style of cocooning revolves around the idea of creating a safe, comforting interior, removing you from the angst and uncertainty of the outside world. Sounds perfect right?

Here we take a look at some of these modern rustic ideas, and fabrics from Zepel that emulate this growing trend.