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Staying indoors more regularly has encouraged many of us to increase comfort within our homes. This focus on improving our private spaces has come in many forms such as redecorating, adding comfortable furniture, de cluttering (and practising minimalism), reconfiguring a space to align with beliefs such as feng shui, or completely renovating a house. However, when those four walls start to close in further, why not create an outdoor addition to your home – a space that is completely yours for work, reflection, or leisure with the added bonus of vitamin D. This outdoor addition doesn’t only need to apply to the home, but hospitality venues can also greatly benefit from sun drenched outdoor dining areas. And we all know that outdoor entertainment is greatly favoured right now.  

Sourced from Architectural Digest

Sourced from Architectural Digest

Here are some great DIY ideas to enhance your backyard and escape the confines of your four walls:  

  • Create an intimate ‘zen zone’ for one in your backyard by revamping a shed or garden hut. Add a cosy armchair or hammock for quiet time and reading.
  • Decorate your backyard patio and adorn with hanging lights, cushioned rattan chairs, and a succulent garden.
  • Install garden arches in a private area of your backyard and plant a mature wisteria close by. This fast-growing creeper will soon create a shaded canopy perfect for outdoor lounging or a dining area. 
  • Renovate that unused garage and create your own private lounge, office space, or alfresco studio area. Add UV resistant fabric like our new FibreGuard Outdoor range for added peace of mind - no need to worry about the sun shining through and affecting your furniture upholstery!


Vital to our overall health, adding an extra space in your home to unwind and reflect promotes greater connectivity with yourself and balance during isolation. Accessing your imagination and being creative via outdoor styling to transport yourself to a faraway location can be an easy transformative fix when needed. 

Credit (Instagram): @tracey_hiebert

Credit (Instagram): @tracey_hiebert

Enhancing ‘outdoor dining’ in a changing world 

Health restrictions recently have encouraged many hospitality businesses to creatively implement plans to accommodate as many guests as possible. With social distancing and capacity numbers being a prerequisite, alfresco dinning is becoming a permanent addition to floor plans. The predicted increase in customers returning to eating out in the coming year will encourage outdoor dining to become a solution to accommodate eager guests.  And with the benefit of continuous air circulation, the positives are undeniable. Even if outdoor terraces are not an option, the creation of council-approved partitioned sections attached to footpaths, is becoming a regular sight, particularly in cities and surrounding suburbs. 

Credit (Instagram): @el_mueble

Credit (Instagram): @el_mueble

Our outdoor fabric ranges such as FibreGuard Outdoor, covers all furnishing requirements in commercial outdoor settings that endure strong humidity, harsh climates, and are importantly safe for constant contact with people due to its anti-microbial protection. And don’t forget the other inherent properties such as mildew and odour resistance, stain repellence, and colourfastness that will add further peace of mind to these modern fabrics. With its selection of neutral, textural colourways, to bold, on trends shades with geometric designs, FibreGuard Outdoor will allow you to create a chosen atmosphere in any setting. 

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Outdoor style for all seasons and any setting

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The current advances in yarn technology continue to evolve, and at Zepel we seek opportunities with our high-performance brands to take advantage of these innovations. Our newest addition, FibreGuard Outdoor, introduces further refinements to yarn that combat Australia’s harsh elements. The secret to this innovative range is the composition of Solution Dyed Polyolefin which has numerous benefits, most notably its powerful resistant to UV exposure and easy clean qualities. A yarn that is specially created for outdoor environments, this powerful synthetic material is first solution dyed, penetrating the fibre in its entirety, and then extracted for yarn manufacture. These fabrics are also moisture, mildew, odour resistant and anti-microbial. 

Even though these exclusive benefits appear to take the limelight, it is also FibreGuard Outdoor’s modern style, aesthetics, and textural designs that are equally notable. Outdoor fabrics are no longer limited to basic neutrals, stripes, or leafy patterning, but have become sophisticated and striking.