''You may be looking to recover an old sofa, or buy a new arm chair. High traffic areas, such as family or living rooms will need durable fabrics. While furniture that doesn’t get as much wear and tear for example a cushion cover or headboard, needn’t be as robust.''

Applying the latest technology, gorgeous fabrics are being designed to ensure ultimate performance, even in the toughest conditions. 

Thoughtfully considered and curated upholstery fabrics offer the perfect palette for designers and homeowners to add their individuality to a room. The textile business is evolving, technological advancements in upholstery fabrics now have everything from lux linens and velvets, to highly robust polyester cottons. These fabric compositions all come with a range of high performance benefits such as UV resistance, moisture wicking, anti-microbial and stain resistant properties. Across all of these upholstery fabric options the handle is becoming softer and the end result environmentally safer.  The performance of an upholstery fabric is hard to know, and therefore shouldn't be based on looks.  Fabric for furniture application needs to be chosen based on look, feel and peformance.

Check out information on how to best care for your upholstery fabircs here.

Upholstery Considerations

Upholstery fabrics are used for the covering of chairs, couches and other furniture. They come in a variety of colours, weaves and designs and are stronger than a curtain fabric. The style of your home and the function of the item being covered is also just as important. Is it a formal living room? Does the chair get battered by children or pets? 

You might be wanting to reupholster an worn out couch or perhaps buying a new occasional chair.  Whatever the piece of furniture, you need to think about how it's going to be used, by who and where it will be positioned in your home. High foot traffic areas, such as family or living space will require a durable material. While furniture that isn’t used as often, for example a cushion cover or bedhead needn’t be as sturdy.

Upholstery fabrics contain certain characteristics that make them more appropriate to particular jobs.  Take a look at these attributes below:

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