Zepel FibreGuard Pro


The anti-microbial solution applied during the fabric production and finishing gives FibreGuard Pro extra security from mildew and bad odours caused by accidental spills. Liquids and bacteria are unable to attach themselves to the yarn or the upholstery foam making FibreGuard Pro the perfect choice for environments such as hospitals, aged care facilities, hotels and restaurants.

Many moisture barrier fabrics can be rigid and rough, FibreGuard Pro ensures the anti-moisture membrane is both flexible and breathable - making the fabrics soft to the touch and well suited for residential settings too.

Hardworking in every sense, FibreGuard Pro fabrics are not only moisture-resistant, they stay strong and odour-free for longer.  Fully washable the unique properties are maintained throughout the washing process and life of the product.  

FibreGuard Pro offers the complete solution to keeping fabrics soft and inviting in high traffic spaces, and through multiple washings.

Like all other FibreGuard fabrics, the FibreGuard Pro range is OEKO-TEX® certified guaranteeing that our fabrics won’t release any harmful finishes or chemicals into the world.

FibreGuard Pro exceeds results in:

  • Martindale & Wyzenbeek Testing
  • Pilling and brush pilling
  • Robust yarns and constructions ensure excellent performance in seam slippage testing
  • Quality dye-stuffs means that FibreGuard Pro fabrics are colourfast to light and resistant to fading

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