High Performance

At Zepel, our focus is providing quality high performance ‘life-friendly’ textiles: fabrics that are durable, easy clean, modern and epitomise everyday luxury.   

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Outdoor Daydreaming in Style

Staying indoors more regularly has encouraged many of us to increase comfort within our homes. This focus on improving our private spaces has come in many forms such as redecorating, adding comfortable furniture, de cluttering (and practising minimalism), reconfiguring a space to align with beliefs such as feng shui, or completely renovating a house. However, when those four walls start to close in further, why not create an outdoor addition to your home – a space that is completely yours for work, reflection, or leisure with the added bonus of vitamin D. This outdoor addition doesn’t only need to apply to the home, but hospitality venues can also greatly benefit from sun drenched outdoor dining areas. And we all know that outdoor entertainment is greatly favoured right now.  

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