FibreGuard Outdoor – an exciting new fabric range for outdoor furnishings

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our new FibreGuard Outdoor fabric range just in time for the long-anticipated summer months ahead. And, if you didn’t already know about the specialist attributes of the FibreGuard brand, then read on.  
FibreGuard is an innovative fabric technology that provides in-built, stain resistant technology while also offering innovative features including water repellence, easy clean properties, and colour fade and mildew resistance while still maintaining a stylish finish in a variety of colourways.  And did we mention that you can easily remove sunscreens and skin products from these fabrics! 
Outdoor dining or lounge furniture takes the brunt of the harsh Australasian climate, and with outdoor living and entertaining as popular as ever, it pays to ensure you can rely on your high-performance upholstery fabric to last the distance.  

Camping by Zepel FibreGuard Outdoor

Camping by Zepel FibreGuard Outdoor

FibreGuard Outdoor is a high-performance fade resistant fabric, which has been developed for both indoor and outdoor use. The unique properties of FibreGuard Outdoor fabrics ensure stains are removable and dirt can easily be cleaned resulting in your fabric maintaining a fresh look.

The anti-microbial and anti-bacterial attributes inherent in the yarn combat the growth of mould and mildew - resisting bad odours which is ideal for  more humid environments. A smart choice particularly for areas exposed to the elements, these soft touch fabrics are ideal for elegant outdoor furnishings, especially when considering the practicalities and longevity of transitional living spaces.

Furthermore, FibreGuard Outdoor fabrics are constructed from solution dyed yarns, renowned for their UV and weather resistant properties.  

Climbing by Zepel FibreGuard Outdoor

Climbing by Zepel FibreGuard Outdoor

Solution dyed nylon is typically produced from Polypropylene/Olefin/Polyolefin which are synthetic materials that share similar performance characteristics. They are highly durable for outdoor applications when the fibres have been solution dyed.

This refers to the source material being dyed in a solution to absorb the colour in its entirety prior to being extracted and manufactured into yarn. Solution dyed fabrics provide the best possible resistance against colour fading from UV exposure and are inherently stain resistant due to this process. The production of these yarns are generally more environmentally friendly, being recyclable and resulting in minimal waste. 

The benefits of polypropylene/olefin/polyolefin, the composition in FibreGuard Outdoor designs include: 

  • Excellent colour fastness and resistance to fading
  • Fast drying
  • Highly stain and soil resistant
  • It is a strong fibre and has excellent abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to fading and mildew
  • Resistant to mildew and chemicals, making it easy to clean

In addition, all FibreGuard fabrics undergo rigorous laboratory testing to ensure they achieve robust light resistant results and are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. This certification ensures that our FibreGuard fabrics are free from harmful chemicals, so they are safe for us, our pets, and our living environments.

Our fabrics are manufactured according to stringent standards, ensuring that FibreGuard’s easy clean properties are embedded in the manufacturing process - and are not an after treatment. This means that our fabrics remain easy to clean, wash after wash, stain after stain. 

To find out more about this exciting new range see full collection here


The Handmade Tale – an artisan approach

Trends & Inspiration

Trends are often transient, leaving small impressions that mark moments in time that are forgotten but are sometimes appreciated again through the post-modern cycle.  There is one aesthetic however that is fundamentally triggering for most textiles’ enthusiasts, and instantly transports a person to a comforting memory. An appreciation for the imperfect, untouched, natural, appliqué accents, embroidery, and hand painting are making more of an impact. This romantic shift can be viewed as an extension of other recent trends that have also gained traction such as ‘Wabi Sabi’, and ‘Cocooning’. However, the ‘handmade’ or ‘artisanal’ approach has more emphasis on the process of the fabric creation.  Viewing closely how yarns are unwieldly woven, embroidery designs created, appliqué fragments attached all with mesmerising and skewed imperfection.