Oeko-Tex®– An important certification explained

"Being free of damaging chemicals there is more opportunity for these fabrics to live a secondary life, such as being repurposed or recycled into new yarn.."

When designing and developing fabrics whether that be for residential, commercial or hospitality projects, Zepel considers consumer safety and the environment as an intrinsic part of business practice. Collaborating with mills that can provide industry relevant certifications that fabrics are safe for you, your family, and for the environment is a part of this responsibility.

The certification Zepel offers is known as Standard 100 Oeko-Tex®. As a third-party independent label, Oeko-Tex is a tool that enables manufacturer’s to transparently document product safety and uphold a consistent standard of excellence. If a product is labelled with ‘Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex', it means it is completely free from harmful chemical and safe for human use. Additionally, the Oeko-Tex® certification system relates to the entire textile production process including the dyes used, lining, and threads the fabrics are sewn with.

Being free of damaging chemicals there is more opportunity for these fabrics to live a secondary life, such as being repurposed or recycled into new yarn. If businesses all employed this same approach there would be considerably less discarded textiles in landfill, therefore creating a more positive environmental impact. 

Zepel’s range of fabrics, specifically the entire FibreGuard range which includes FibreGuard Pro and FibreGuard Outdoor, has been awarded the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification – an additional feature to the specialist stain-resistant properties inherent in these fabrics.

Along with FibreGuard’s vigorous high-performance testing program, Oeko-Tex® also applies this approach which is customised to assess all materials, agents, and dye-stuffs used in production. Textiles need to be colourfast, free of any allergenic materials, have no presence of harmful substances, and considered safe for any release of VOC’s, (Volatile Organic Compounds), into the home’s air before the item can be awarded the Oeko-Tex®: ‘Confidence in Textile's label.’

When you are looking to choose fabrics from Zepel, you can find the certification details on the individual product pages under the Specifications/Test Result section.

With Standard 100 Oeko-Tex® certified fabrics, you can be reassured that you are making a safe and chemical-free choice for your interior design projects.
Select textiles with peace of mind knowing that your interior furnishings decisions are safe for your family, friends, pets, or even your customers with Standard 100 Oeko-Tex® certified fabrics.

See FibreGuard range here.


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To any Northern Hemisphere folk reading this, apologies, but we are heading into summer here ‘Down South’ and it coincides with the lifting of restrictions, and honestly, we cannot WAIT to get out there! In Australia and New Zealand, we have a very special and unique interaction with our outdoor spaces that often blur into our living areas, and for at least half the year act as an extension of our interior. Accordingly, there is an intrinsic link between developments and inspirations that influence the interior space, and outdoor design is every bit as trend rich and responsive to fresh ideas and culture shifts that affect other aspects of design. There are some emerging currents we are beginning to see for ‘outdoor’ and we wanted to explore a few here in more detail - in readiness for the warm long days ahead.